Ergogrip SK12 Work Positioning Rope with Triple Action Karabiner

by All Lifting
Shipping & Handling

The Ergogrip SK12 is a work positioning rope. The core sheathed rope can withstand extreme edge loads, are resistant to abrasion, remain soft in damp conditions and feature a long service life. It is an extremely simple matter to adjust the Ergogrip range with self-locking karabiners with one hand.  

  • Part code 1602L-AUS-0030-S-2
  • Often used for power supplies, transmissions, telecommunications, rope access and rigging
  • Comes with abrasion resistant sleeve
  • Triple action alloy karabiner on ergo grip
  • Double action alloy hook on the rope end
  • 2 meters long 
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1891.1: 2007
  • Other lengths available at request
  • Manufactured in Germany

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