Forklift Drum Rotators

by All Lifting
Price on Application
  • Safely lift and rotate 205 litre steel drums by forklift
  • 360 degree rotation of the drum is fully controlled during operation
  • A large worm drive gearbox provides automatic braking of drum during rotation
  • When operation stops the drum will lock in position preventing dangerous and uncontrolled drum movement 
  • Drum is secured into the Drum Dumper attachment with a sturdy belly strap and locked with the over-centre catch
  • Locking pin is inserted to prevent release of the catch during tipping cycle
  • Zinc finish

Handle Operation - Rotation is carried out via the hand wheel fitted. Drum rotation is to chest height.
Chain Operation - Rotation is carried out using the hand chain. Drum rotation is up to 3m high.


Part # Price Inc GST Operation WLL (kg) Drum Size (L) Unit Weight (kg) Rotation ° Load Centre (mm) Pocket Size (mm) Pocket Centre (mm) HCG (mm) VCG (mm)
189DER40H Hand 400 205 92 360 940 185 x 65 840 705 35
189DER40C Chain 400 205 90 360 940 185 x 65 840 705 35

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