HammerHead Lifeline System

by All Lifting
Price on Application
  • Fall arrest protection system permanently installed on buildings and other structures where workers are at risk of falling
  • Engineered and tested to absorb loads generated by accidental falls in the workplace
  • Protects workers that are required to work at heights were a harness attachment system is required
  • Designed so that minimal damage occurs to the structure the system is attached to in the event of a fall
  • Can be fixed to surfaces that are not primarily designed to take structural loads
  • Designed to protect 1 to 4 workers attached simultaneously to the same line with 3 workers within a single span

Each worker needs to be fitted with a full body harness and lanyard with a suitable energy absorber; the workers connect themselves to the lifeline via a glider which can move along the line.
Can be used for overhead, shoulder or foot mounted applications, and around corners at 500mm radius bend.



Max. Force Applied (kN) Standard Max. Users Max. Span (m) Radius of Bend (mm) Material
6 AS/NZS 1891 3 people 10 500 Stainless Steel

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