Lory Pro Semi Automatic Belay Device - Industrial

by All Lifting
Price on Application

The lory pro is a robust descender and belay device. Its various application areas make the lory pro your reliable companion for rope access and rescue ( abseiling up to 225kg load). 

Lory pro can also be used for work positioning, as a restraining device for roof or edge access, as a temporary anchor for fall arrest in flexible cable systems. 

With lory pro, the belaying person can easily feed and take a rope. When using the device correctly, it locks automatically if the user was to take a fall. 

The lory pro, with its unimpeded movement of the cam, is the ideal device for industrial purposes. It is equipped with a descent handle that ensures secure and controlled abseiling. 

The double-stop function blocks if the handle is pulled overly in panic and provides extra safety. 

  • Constructed from aluminium 
  • Rated for 1 person 
  • Complies with EN 341-A, EN 353-2, EN 358, EN 795-B, EN 12841-C, ANSI Z359.4
  • Suits 10-12mm rope
  • Weighs 0.37kg
  • Part number: 1602A-041
  • Also available in kits with rope and all required hardware

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