Pipe Lowering In Belt

by All Lifting
Price on Application
  • Manufactured to suit your individual needs
  • Lowering-in belts are strong enough to satisfy your strength requirements and lightweight and flexible for maximum ease of handling
  • All components are made of top grade material
  • Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant nylon webbing for durability and strength
  • Alloy steel end irons for greater strength with less weight
  • End irons painted
  • Custom made belts available
  • Belt sizes up to 60″ diameter pipe
  • Supplied tested and certified

The ALS Pipe Lowering-In Belt system is made up of two parts:

A) The Lowering-In Belt, which consists of nylon fabric material with metal hook ends.

B) The steel Head Iron which consists of a fabricated Lifting Iron with Hooks for attaching the lifting belt.


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