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Lifting beams are usually designed and built for specific lifting applications. There is a wide range of sizes, capacities, and configurations available. When selecting the correct lifting beam, it is important to consider the application requirements such as the range of the lift, headroom required, the number of lifting points, adjustable lifting centres and load attachments. The lifting beams capacity, both of the overall beam and of the individual lift points, is also important.

Working load limit
SafeWork.com.au units of competency to conduct lifting operations and to operate a gantry or overhead crane, states that all lifting beams must be branded with the Working Load Limit (WLL). Most lifting beams are also supplied with hardware such as slings and shackles. The Working Load Limit must include the weight of the load plus all lifting gear. You should also ensure that the working load limit on the individual lift points is not exceeded. Lifting beams should also display the tare weight of the beam, approval plate and registration number.

A lifting beam may be modified during its life for reasons such as the product being lifted is altered or increases in weight. Under these circumstances, it is important that the original specifications and technical data are referred to. Lifting beams should be regularly inspected every 6 months to ensure safe operation. It is also essential to ensure all operators are trained in the safe use of the lifting equipment.

Lifting beams should never be used to handle loads other than those they have the capacity to lift. A beam that it damaged or unevenly load should never be used.  Always ensure that the load will remain stable when lifted and that the lifting points are not overloaded by the slinging or handling methods. Lifting beams should always be suspended from suitable size hooks. It is recommended that taglines are used to control long loads.

Discuss your lifting application with All Lifting
All Lifting custom builds all of their lifting beams and can discuss your lifting application to help determine the best beam configuration for the job. All fabrication work is done in Australia and supplied fully certified to Australian Standards, with a test certificate. All Lifting can organise regular inspection, testing and maintenance of your lifting beam, including load testing and re-certifying old lifting beams.

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