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What is a Chain Block?

Chain blocks are portable devices used to manually raise or lower a load. Chain hoists are designed for lifting and material handling tasks. They can raise and lower loads via the user pulling up or down on the hand chain.  There is a wide range of chain blocks available and they come in various capacities and heights for lifting.

Chain blocks are designed for vertical lifting and should never be used for horizontal lifting. Most models are constructed to be easy to use with a simple hook to rig them up. Before using a chain block it’s important to ensure you have the correct training to operate it safely. You will need to identify any warnings and instructions for the safe use of all equipment required for the task at hand. A visual inspection should be carried out before every use and at frequent intervals, by a competent person as per the Australia standards or equivalent in your location. This involves checking the condition of the hand chain, load chain, sheave wheels, hooks, and outer casing. The mechanism and any safety devices should be checked for any wear, nicks/cuts in chains, bent components, rust etc. Ensure users are familiar with any safety devices such as load brakes and safety latch on hooks. You will also need to identify the working load limit. You must not lift loads that exceed the recommended working load limit of your equipment.

Used Chain Block  

Manually operate chain block first to ensure that it operates correctly. Ensure the chain is not twisted and able to move freely. Check that you are using the proper slings and attachments. Never leave a load hanging on the hoist. Ensure equipment is stored and handled correctly. 

Always refer to the supplier or manufacturer’s instructions on safe use, maintenance and storage. This article is meant as a general information guide only, for further information consult user guides provided by the manufacturer.

All Lifting offer a complete range of chain blocks to suit your application. We have chain blocks available in a range of sizes and lengths. View our range of chain blocks here.  All Lifting can also provide certification and carry out inspections  (test & tag) on all chain blocks and material handling devices.



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