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Hand winch vs Electric winch? 

Winches have many different applications, whether it’s getting yourself out of a sticky situation in your vehicle, moving materials, retrieval of an object or out on the water.

There are two types of winches available, the electric and hand winch. Both hand and electric winches are durable and very handy to have. Some of you may prefer having a backup manual winch in case of power issues with your electric winch.

Hand winch


Hand winches are a great option where electrical power is not easy to access or cost effective to install. Most hand winches require some of your own strength to operate the mechanism. Don’t worry as most types of hand winches have brake and mechanical assists to make them easier to operate. Brake mechanisms are often fully automatic and the load remains in position anytime the handle is released.

Electric Winch


Electric Winches are a much quicker and a simpler option for moving loads. Although you will require a power source which is not always an option in some areas that you might use the hoist. An electric winch enables you to stand back from the operation, which ensures a safer working environment. The electric winch takes the pressure off having to rely on manpower. 


Looking at winch options from a budget point of view, both types are priced accordingly for what each has to offer. The most cost-effective and portable choice would be the manual winch. If you are after a less portable, easier execution to your task than the electric winch would be a better selection. 

Whether you choose a hand or an electric winch, it is important to ensure that it meets safety standards. If you’re unsure about your selection, speak to one of our friendly staff at any All Lifting store and we can set you up with the perfect winch for your adventures, whatever they may be!


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