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Hoist equipment is the primary device used throughout the lifting industry. Many types of hoists are available, and some hoists are better suited to specific applications than others. Hoist equipment can be powered electrically, pneumatically or manually, and can be fitted to many different types of crane.

Power chain hoist equipment
Electric chain hoists are engineered for the toughest lifting applications and to operate in the most extreme conditions. Electric hoist equipment features advanced hoist technology, are easy to service and durable. Inverters provide many options to increase your productivity with the use of the functions and characteristics of the inverter such as changing mechanical control to electric control.

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Air balanced hoist equipment
Air chain hoists feature the addition of a floating functionality. Hoisting is performed using the attached up/down control pendant, and the floating function enables a weightless vertical movement. Air balanced hoist equipment is ideal for a product that needs to be lifted and then assembled to another part, but the weight of the product needs to be supported whilst this operation is performed. Air chain hoist equipment is suitable for a fast-paced assembly line and workstation crane applications.

Wire rope hoists equipment
Wire rope hoists feature a state-of-the-art system of power transmission and braking. Built for heavy-duty applications wire rope hoists also feature an integrated drum and lifting motor to save space.  Wire rope hoist equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications such as warehouses, construction sites and factories.

Manual hoist equipment
Hand chain hoists are built with premium-grade components for long life in the toughest industrial and heavy construction applications. Manual hoist equipment is economical, practical requires low maintenance. The hoist body is very compact, making it extremely portable and easy to operate. Lever Chain Hoists can be used horizontally, vertically, inverted or at any other load angle and have the strength to get the job done. Suitable for work in tight quarters or elevated locations where fastening, fixing, or positioning of light loads is required.

All Lifting’s hoist equipment range comes with a wide range of options and accessories to suit any application. Watch our video on the new 360 Degree Rotation Manual Chain Hoist


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