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How to Check Your Safety Harness Before Use

Working at heights has always been a dangerous practice; particularly for the construction industry where employees can be under risk as they can be exposed to falls and serious injuries, therefore it is very important to check the safety of your harness every time it is used.

There are different types of harnesses you could choose from, including rescue harnesses, fall arrest harnesses and multipurpose harnesses; however, no matter what type of gear you choose for your job or application, you should always make sure your gear is in good condition. To protect the safety of the user/s, you need to conduct a thorough check to ensure your safety and the safety of the people near you is not under risk. We recommend that you visually check your harnesses before you start using them. Here is a list of things that can be handy when checking your gear.

  • Label and Tag – Make sure that the harness is holding its label and tag which should be showing its serial number, date of manufacturing and relevant standards.
  • Webbing – Check the webbing for any signs of damage such as worn or badly pulled webbing, cracks or wearing as well as loose stitching or fading which may indicate the structure of the fibers have been damaged while in use.
  • D-Rings – Inspect for signs of distortion and rust and make sure the ring turns freely.
  • Buckles – Ensure all rivets are tight and buckles are not bent or twisted, chipped or have sharp edges sticking out and that all stitching is still in perfect condition.
  • Straps and rope – Check straps for signs of fraying or broken fibres. Inspect clips on straps and check for loose stitching.
  • Plastic loops – Look for cracked, damaged or broken loops.

After you check all the parts of your harness you also need to make sure that you look for signs of tears, chemical exposure and UV degradation. If there is any uncertainty of the condition of the harness discontinue from use immediately. If you find your harness is in good condition, make sure you know how to fit and secure your harness properly. Please refer to our blog of How to Fit Your Safety Harness Correctly which will provide step-by-step instructions.

At All Lifting we care about workplace safety, and we strive to offer the best quality equipment to ensure site safety. We are height safety specialists; you will be able to find all of your height safety gear for your new job at one of our local stores or shop online today for your height safety needs.

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