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  1. Open the safety harness packaging, checking that the manual/user instructions are inside. Ensure you read the manual PRIOR to use. Do not throw away the manual. Important records are kept in the manual!
  2. Pull the safety harness out of the bag. When not in use store the harness in this bag, in a cool dry place.
  3. If tangled, untangle the harness so that it will be easier to inspect and put on.
  4. Prior to use visually inspect the harness for any signs of tears, chemical exposure, UV degradation, permanent marker on webbing. Ensure that all components are complete and with the harness or any other signs of damage. If there is any uncertainty of the condition of the harness discontinue from use immediately.
  5. To fit harness hold the harness from the top attachment point to orientate it.
  6. Open all buckles and if required adjust the straps to the biggest setting.
  7. Put the harness on over your shoulders like you would a shirt. Make sure it is sitting correctly with no twists in the webbing.
  8. First, do up the leg straps and adjust until snug. 
  9. Proceed to do up the rest of the clips and adjust the harness so it fits correctly.
  10. Make sure the safety harness is sitting correctly and firmly after you have made the adjustments. There shouldn’t be anywhere that is loose or that has any slack.
  11. Tuck any excess straps by adjusting the harness away so they will not interfere with work. 
  12. Check the fit of the leg loops. Insert your (flat) hand between your thigh and the webbing. If you can make a fist – it is too loose.
  13. Get a second person for a buddy check. They can help you make sure your harness is sitting correctly and firmly, with no twists in the webbing and that all buckles are closed correctly.


  • Use the right safety harness for the right application.
  • Familiarise yourself with the harness PRIOR to using it.
  • All height safety equipment has a lifespan from the date of manufacture. Make sure you check this as part of your inspection.
  • Store the safety harness properly – in a dry, cool place (avoid direct exposure to the elements).
  • Make sure the safety harness is dry before your store it to avoid rot and mould.
  • Harnesses require 6 monthly inspections.



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