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There are high hopes for those in the lifting industry after the mining industry has shown 13 consecutive months of growth according to Seek. Lifting and rigging equipment is in demand to cater for the rapid growth, and job opportunities are on the rise.

More jobs for Australians

Seek has named mining as the fasted growing job market in 2017, and with this translating into production we can assume the job increase will trickle down to the lifting industry. A boom in the mining industry will lead to more lifting, rigging and height safety equipment being supplied as well as a higher demand for onsite safety inspection officers, sales representatives and professionals with industry knowledge.

In the even more promising news, this is just beginning with certain sectors of the mining industry expected to continue to rise with production approximately doubling the pace of the national economy in the next five years.

Effects on the lifting industry

The safety and lifting industry will continue to rise as a result of this boom. Gear such as wire rope, chain blocks, shackles and round slings are just some of the equipment that the mining industry will require over the next five-year boom, and the lifting industry needs to be prepared.

An increase in the mining sector does not allow for a decrease in safety, so the mining industry will also require safety inspections more frequently to cater for the increase of equipment, as well as higher quantities of safety gear to ensure the well-being of their new and existing employees.

What does this mean for you? 

Part of the mining industry already? Get ahead of the game and network; make connections with suppliers to be prepared for the increase of work.

Looking for employment? Well, it’s a perfect time! With mining jobs becoming more readily available, suppliers need to increase their production which is likely to see an increase in employment opportunities in the lifting, rigging and safety sector as well.

Need equipment? Call All Lifting today and we can use our industry knowledge to come up with the perfect fit to keep you on top of your game through the mining boom!


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