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Offshore rigging lofts
Offshore rigging lofts provide a mobile service for warehousing, a centralised space for testing, tagging, certifying and registering of lifting and rigging equipment. The basic function of offshore rigging lofts is to ensure that portable lifting equipment and lifting accessories are stored to reduce the risk of accidental damage and prevent deterioration.

Factors to consider
There are many important factors to consider when running operational onshore and offshore rigging lofts. These include identifying the basic functions of the rigging loft, receiving the rigging loft equipment, carrying out pre-use inspections and examination checklists for various lifting equipment and recording defects, and the disposal and quarantine of equipment unfit for use. The return and in-service inspection of equipment in use should be managed by the loft controller, and weekly checks on the equipment in use are recommended using a loft and equipment control register.  There are legal requirements and regulations that apply to the management of offshore rigging lofts.

Offshore Rigging Lofts - All lifting

The rigging loft should be placed in a suitable location, with adequate protection from weather, but also allowing good access. The loft should be secure, weather tight, well lit, suitably heated when required, and of a size sufficient for uncluttered storage of the equipment with a provision of a work area/bench for the controller and others. A quarantine bin is necessary for pre-shipping storage of equipment removed from service. This is normally located in the loft but, if located outside, should be secured to prevent unauthorised access. The current lifting colour code should be clearly displayed.

Standard examination procedures for offshore rigging lofts involve lifting equipment inspection, in-service wear such as corrosion and abrasion, discard criteria, quarantine areas in the rigging loft, and critical areas for inspection.

Other names of offshore rigging lofts
Offshore rigging lofts are also known as rigging lofts, onshore rigging lofts, mobile rigging lofts, rigging loft container, mobile rigging containers, and mobile warehouse containers. Typical industry applications for rigging lofts include offshore operators, drilling contractors, marine, oil & gas, mining, construction, defence, transport, and pipelines.

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All Lifting supply both 20ft and 40ft onshore and offshore rigging lofts complete with a turnkey management solution.  Our rigging lofts offer a complete mobile warehousing and testing service that is fully self-contained including a library of all standards and manufacturers recommendations. Can be transported anywhere in the world and are certified for sea transport. Check our website for offshore rigging lofts

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