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Designed to compensate for longitudinal movement
Pipe roller supports are designed to compensate for longitudinal movement due to the expansion or contraction of both insulated or non-insulated pipe. Pipe rollers come in a wide variety of sizes that can be matched to create pipe handling operations that increase productivity and profitability. Pipe rollers can be adjustable for uneven terrain, ensuring the pipe is supported at the same height as the fusion machine, making it easier to align.



Pipe stands and low profile pipe rollers 
Pipe stands and low profile pipe rollers are designed to allow lengths of pipe to be pulled through the machine rather than moving the equipment to each joint, and as a result, causing minimal downtime. By placing pipe rollers in intervals down the pipeline a track can be created that allows a fused pipe to slide across the rollers. This application is utilised in industries that require contractors to keep the pipe clean and off the ground. Steel pipe roller stands with base plates have set screws to allow for vertical adjustment. Double Roller Guides are designed for supporting and guiding pipe where longitudinal movement and vertical adjustment are required.

Pipe roller chairs
Pipe roller chairs are used to support pipe when ceiling suspension is impractical. Non-metallic rollers with stainless steel chair and hardware are available for most size. Pipe rollers with sockets feature a cast iron and steel axle are used to support pipe where expansion may occur due to thermal movement. Double rod design provides support for greater loads.

Materials to manufacture pipe rollers
The most common materials used to manufacture pipe rollers are neoprene or carbon steel with cast iron rollers for easy installation. Stainless Steel and other materials are also available. The standard finishes for mechanical supports are plain steel, black galvanized zinc, hot-dip galvanized after fabrication, red primer or plastic coating.

Pipe Roller - All Lifting

Installation of internal pipes
The installation of the internal pipes with anchorage pipe rollers is effective in infrastructure projects with one or more pipes installed inside a larger concrete or steel pipe. This helps to maintain concentricity for the life of the pipeline. Typical industries include; Oil & Gas, Water, Irrigation and Mining.

Important factors to consider when ordering pipe rollers are pipe size, lateral adjustment required, part number, description, material and finish. Browse our website for our pipeline equipment.


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