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Ensuring your load remains secure
A ratchet tie down is used to ensure a load remains secure (and in place) when in transport. It can also be used to secure goods when in storage and protect them from damage.

Ratchet tie downs are made from a highly durable and strong polyester webbing that has very little stretch. The strength or tension applied to secure a load is adjustable, and for this reason they are often the preferred choice for load restraint of large or heavy loads over bungee cords, rope, or tarp straps. A ratchet tie down is most commonly used in the transport industry on trailers, trucks, shipping containers and other hauling vehicles.

Ratchet Tie Down - All Lifting

Assembling a ratchet tie down correctly

To secure your load safely it is important that you learn how to assemble and release a ratchet tie down correctly. You will have a piece of heavy duty fabric with a hook and a ratchet assembly at each end, and a second end with a hook and a plain end. To assemble simply weave the webbing or strap through the plain end into the ratchet assembly so that it pulls all the way through. Then use one of the hooks to anchor inside your vehicle. Pull the ratchet handle up and down to remove any slack, and then close and lock into position. 
Be careful not to secure too tight and cause damage to your load. There is a ratchet buckle to allow easy release of your load in one simple pushing motion of the handle that releases the spindle.

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Types of ratchet tie downs

There are many different sizes and configurations of a ratchet tie down available and it is important to choose the correct one for your application. There are different styles of ratchet straps, hooks and webbing that determine the working load limit (WLL) of a ratchet tie down and what type of load it is suitable to use for. Generally the wider the webbing the stronger it is going to be. A ratchet tie down is also referred to as a ratchet strap, tie down strap, webbing ratchet tie down, webbing strap or load restraint system.

All Lifting have ratchet tie downs available in a range of types and sizes. We can also provide you with excellent industry advice to help you choose the right Ratchet Tie Down for the load that will be secured. 

Watch a demonstration on YouTube here about how to use a ratchet strap to secure a load on heavy vehicles.


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