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What is load rated stainless steel?

So, to start with, most of the stainless steel products you will see on the market are not load rated. Stainless steel is rust resistant and provides good resistance against corrosion compared to normal steel. Usually, stainless steel is not suitable for lifting applications as it is not rated. That was until we got our hands on load rated stainless steel products. We are now able to make entire lifting chains out of stainless steel components.

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What makes it different from normal stainless steel?

Rated stainless steel is manufactured from mainly Grade 316L and 318LN stainless steel. It goes through extensive research, development and testing. It must be very high quality, pure stainless steel and meet the narrow tolerance requirements before it can be turned into the final product. Thanks to this process, we end up with heavy duty stainless steel load rated products that have superior corrosion and crack resistance. The high concentration of chrome gives a strong passive layer of chromium for protection. A precise amount of nickel creates the shiny surface and other alloys like molybde-num allow for increased working loads and higher breaking points.

The rated stainless steel we sell is specially designed for use in environments such as water, wastewater and sewage treatment plants. Load rated stainless steel is generally classed as Grade 50 or Grade 60. Grade 50 stainless steel lifting chain is manufactured from 316L stainless steel and is available from 5mm – 18mm with working loads of 500 – 7,000kgs.

With a wide range of load rated stainless steel products available such as hardware, chain, hooks, shackles, chains, handrail systems for interior design, fencing and balustrading there are many different opportunities you can include stainless steel in your project.

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