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The Advantages of a Stockless Ship Anchor - All Lifting


A stockless ship anchor is designed for ships that may encounter all types of sea bottoms, as they have the advantage of a dead weight for holding in very hard bottoms, and the ability to bite and hold in sand and/or mud. Stockless anchors are rugged in construction and simple in design making them easy to handle.Stockless Ship Anchor - All LiftingA stockless ship anchor has no top stock (crosspiece) on the shank and the arms are pivoted so that both of them can engage at the same time. Stockless anchors are used principally because of their ease of handling and stowing. Crown, arms, and flukes of a stockless ship anchor are cast in one piece and can pivot slightly from side to side on the shank. The flukes are long and heavy and have projecting shoulders at their base that catch on the seabed. As more drag is exerted, the shoulders force the flukes downward into the bottom. Stockless anchors have replaced the older stock anchor on most of the large ships of the world.

Stockless Ship Anchor - All Lifting

Different types of ship anchors
Common types of ship anchors are hall anchors, plow anchors and mushroom anchors.

A plow type ship anchor is generally used for yachts and other small crafts.

A mushroom type ship anchor is shaped like an upside-down mushroom and is commonly used permanent moorings for lightships and dredges. 

A hall ship anchor is a bow anchor type which has the characteristics of a stockless anchor and is one of the most commonly used conventional shackles ship anchors. The hall anchor can be supplied with certificates from the major class society.

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