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Being hit by a falling object was number 4 on the list of fatalities in the Australian workplace in the 10 years leading up to 2016, according to Safe Work Australia.

It may seem that a light tool may not cause a great deal of damage. However, a 3kg hammer, dropped from 500 metres high will hit the ground with a force of 500kg! So, do you still think your hard hat will protect you?

Watch this video to see what can happen!


Are you carrying hazardous items?
Ever thought of your pen or phone as being a hazard? Well, they are if they’re dropped from height or into sensitive machinery and equipment. If these items are not safely restrained, it could cost your company millions of dollars and can cause possible injury, and/or death.

What now?
It is better to be proactive then reactive when it comes to safety. Make sure you keep the hierarchy of control’s in mind. 

Did you know that there is a safety tool for almost every loose item you need to carry? And if that doesn’t already exist, we can help you come up with a solution.

Now that you’ve realised that your phone and pen are a possible hazard, let’s help you eliminate the issue.

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Pen Holder with Coil for Height Safety - All Lifting


Speak to one of our friendly team about our full range of prevention methods and safety tools today! View our online store here!

Further information can be found at Safe Work NSW.


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