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We examine the different aspects of height safety and how to keep you and your team safe with a range of equipment designed for different jobs.
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What are the different types of anchor points? - All Lifting

What are the Different Types of Anchor Points?

Anchor points are essential elements of height safety, they are part of the components that provide security to workers while performing jobs at heights. When you require a fall prevention system you will need to install an anchor point. This...

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Height Safety - All Lifting

A Height Safety Guide

Working from heights unquestionably increases the risk of falls, and potential injury or death. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be working all that high, as accidents can happen even from just working on a ladder. Find out how to protect yourself and your team to ensure safety at height.
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Working at Height - All Lifting

Height Safety Expires

Your height safety equipment expires. Like food, all height safety gear has a lifespan from the date it’s manufactured. This can be affected by usage, equipment type and manufacturer guidelines. Find out more today.
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Stop the drop height safety - All Lifting


It may seem that a light tool may not cause a great deal of damage. However, a 3kg hammer, dropped from 500 metres high will hit the ground with a force of 500kg! So, do you still think your hard hat will protect you? Find out how to minimise risk with falling objects.

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