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Height safety equipment is used to safely secure a worker who is required to work above 2 meters from the ground, in order to reduce their risk of injury if a fall is too occur. Fall arrest equipment is used to catch a worker if they fall. Restraint Equipment is used to prevent a fall from occurring all together. Working safely at heights will depend highly on ensuring you have the correct planning, selection of equipment, installation, use and maintenance of equipment. Once planning is completed it is important to consult a Height Safety Specialist when selecting your height safety equipment.

Rope access; purpose built harnesses manufactured for rope access and rescue specific requirements used primarily in the utilities. electrical power and telecommunications market.

Davit arms and Tripod systems; flexible fall protection for working in confined spaces. Made from a combination of aluminum and galvanized mild steel to suit most parapet and site requirements. Flexible height safety equipment that can be adapted so that a horizontal rail system can be added to the arm.

Safety lines; easy to install, user friendly safety systems that provide protection while climbing ladders. Overhead Safety Rail systems are ideal for rope access applications. Cost effective height safety equipment solution. Vertical or horizontal safety rails are continuous systems that ensure the operator does not need to disconnect while working at heights.

Ladders; modular aluminium ladders are manufactured with an extra strong frame that ensures a very stable and rigid ladder even at
considerable heights. Specially designed rungs provide superior grip and support ensuring a higher level of safety while climbing the ladder.

Walkway, Handrail, Roof hatches; aluminum walkway systems are easy to install, lightweight yet incredibly strong and virtually
maintenance free walkway systems. This simple type of height safety equipment provides safe access to roofs and roof top plant and equipment and are compatible with the vast majority of metal deck profiles available, including corrugated iron.

Fall Protection Systems; temporary commercial edge protection systems are available to suit any application  including C&Z purlin, parapet wall, concrete slab, balconies, roof mount etc. These height safety equipment systems are easy to install and very  user friendly, and provide the highest level of safety for the workplace.

All Lifting can consult & design a Height Safety System with effective Height Safety Equipment to suit your needs. A member of our experienced design team will conduct a risk assessment & make recommendations for any height safety requirements to comply with relevant safety standards. Check our website to view the range of low maintenance height safety equipment and systems we offer to suit a range of different environments.

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