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Top 11 Reasons Lifting Equipment Breaks

Here at All Lifting, we are all about safety in the workplace. We’ve made a list of the main reasons that are reported back to us that gear fails or even breaks.

  1. User error
  2. Not trained to use the equipment correctly
  3. Incorrect item for the task
  4. Used/loaded improperly
  5. Given incorrect advice
  6. Unrated equipment
  7. Don’t know how heavy the item they’re moving is
  8. Don’t understand the working load limits of their equipment
  9. Overloading equipment
  10. Shock loading equipment
  11. No lift plan

Most of the time gear fails or breaks is due to a lack of knowledge and understanding about how to safely use the lifting and rigging gear. If you are ever unsure about how to safely conduct a lift, we can help. We also offer inspections and testing and supply of new equipment. Contact All Lifting today for specialist information for your next lift.


SAFETY NOTE: Do not try to use equipment or replicate any of these pictures as they are all equipment that failed inspection. 

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