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Wire rope slings are made from various grades of wire rope, and consist of two, three, and four leg spreaders with oblong Master links. Wire rope slings consist of eyes that are formed using the flemish eye splice and ends that are secured by pressing a metal sleeve over the ends of the strands of the splice.

Selection, handling, storage, lubricating, inspecting and discarding of wire rope and wire rope slings must be in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2751.  To select the correct size sling you must first determine the length necessary and specify the end fittings required such as hooks, thimbles, and swage sockets.

Selecting a wire rope
When selecting wire rope slings it is recommended you consider the following characteristics: strength, ability to bend without distortion, ability to withstand abrasive wear, and ability to withstand abuse. When selecting a sling to carry a given load, it is important to consider the angle at which the sling is to be used. For example, one sling in a basket hitch or two slings attached to one crane hook is different applications involving different sling angles. The degree of the angle will determine how much the capacity will be reduced. The wire rope slings capacity will be reduced as the angle from the horizontal is reduced.

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Wire rope slings should be stored on well-ventilated shelving where they are not subjected to damage or deterioration. Slings should not be stored on the ground. During long periods of storage slings should be examined periodically for deterioration such as corrosion due to loss of lubricant,

Ensuring the safety of wire rope slings
To ensure care and safety of wire rope slings during use the following precautions are recommended: Selection of a suitable material for the application, examination prior to use, identify the working load limit of wire rope slings to ensure they are not overloaded and loading wire rope terminations correctly.

Wire rope slings are ideal for a wide range of applications including lifting hot materials, crawler & truck cranes, mining, offshore, oilfields, marine ropes, and cranes and hoists.

All Lifting supplies all wire rope slings fully tagged and certified, with a NATA test certificate. Slings must also be inspected and load tested periodically. Our on-site inspection and testing team come out to your site and visually inspect all your lifting and rigging equipment.


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