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What are master rings and links? - All Lifting


Master links or head-rings,also known as oblong links, are a fairly basic type of lifting and rigging hardware fitting; they are designed to help with the assembly of single or multi leg slings. They are available in various grades. Some of the questions that can arise about these products often include:

  • What are they used for?
  • What are the different types?
  • How do you determine if they are still in good condition?

What are they and what are they used for?

Master links and rings are important devices in the lifting and rigging industry, they are a closed-loop device usually made of forged alloy steel and are used to make connection points in rigging applications such as chain, rope, wire rope and synthetic slings; which could be used for single leg or multiple legs.

What are the different types?

You can find many different types of master links in the marketplace; however, the most popular ones are:

Master Link

Master links are elongated shape and are usually the start of an assembly for chain or wire rope slings. In this case, the oblong master link is the connection point for the sling legs.
Master Link - All Lifting

Master Link Sub-Assembly

This type of sub-assembly link is used in conjunction with a master link to create multiple legs. It is possible to have multiple legs directly attached to a single master link; however, this will usually require a very heavy and large master link which can become difficult to handle. This is where sub-assemblies become useful as the master link will be able to carry heavier loads.

Master Link Sub-Assembly-All LiftingMaster Rings

Master rings are circular and permanently closed rings. They are also utilized for chain and wire rope sling assemblies, and other rigging connection points. This circular master ring is not as commonly used to connect large working loads; they are most often used  for a tie down accessory combined with webbing, generally for the transport industry, otherwise, rarely used.

Coupling Links 

Coupling links may be mechanical or welded and are primarily used to connect a portion of chain to a master link or to a fitting. They may also be used to create a connection between master links, hooks, or other pieces of hardware.

Coupling Links - All Lifting

  • How do you determine if they are still in good condition?
    Master links should be removed from service if any of the following issues are identified on the item.
  • Missing or illegible identification tag.
  • Indications of heat damage, including weld splatter or arc strikes.
  • Excessive pitting or corrosion
  • Bent, twisted, distorted, stretched, elongated, cracked, or broken load-bearing components.
  • Excessive nicks or gouges.
  • Evidence of unauthorized welding or modification.
  • Other conditions, including visible damage that cause doubt as to continued use.
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