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There is a wide variety of chains and fittings available on the market. As safety standards continue to improve, so do the chains that are used. This article is here to provide insights on the best grades for your lifting and rigging applications.

Rated trailer chain

Rated trailer chain has it all in the name. In Australia, it complies with AS4177.4 and is available in sizes 8-13mm with a standard galvanized finish. This chain is not suitable for lifting applications but great as a safety chain for your trailer. It must be stamped on every chain link for it to be compliant with the Australian standard. For more information on towing and trailers check out QLD safe towing guide.

Grade 70

Grade 70 chain comes in a distinctive gold zinc finish, available in sizes 6-13mm. Grade 70 is rated with a lashing capacity rather than a working load. In Australia, it complies with AS 4344. It’s also often used in towing, logging, oil and mining applications. This type of chain is not to be used for any lifting applications.

Grade 80

Grade 80 chain is a short link chain designed for lifting applications and in Australia, it complies to AS 3775.1. This is a rated lifting chain which is made out of heat treated alloy steel. Available in self-colour or powder coated finish in 6mm up to 32mm, this is a common chain used in the construction of your lifting chain slings.

Grade 100

Grade 100 chain is also a rated lifting chain, similar to grade 80 except with higher working loads for the same size chain. For example, 8mm grade 80 has a working load limit (WLL) of 2 tonne direct lift, whereas grade 100 chain in the same size has a WLL of  2.5 tonne direct lift. This makes it a much lighter chain for the same working load. It is available in 6mm – 32mm and usually comes in a powder coated finish with varying colours, depending on the supplier.

Grade 120

Grade 120 is similar to grade 100 but with even higher working loads. For example, grade 100, 8mm chain has a working load limit of 2.5 tonne direct lift, whilst grade 120, 8mm chain has a WLL of 3 tonne. This chain is available in 8-16mm and usually comes in a powder coated finish with varying colours, depending on the supplier. This is a relatively new product to the market.

Did you know?

There is a chain available that changes colour when exposed to extreme temperatures.

What next?

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