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Wire Rope Non Rotating Fibre Core 18 x 7

by All Lifting
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Our Wire Rope Non Rotating Fibre Core 18 x 7 is a revolutionary way to make sure that you are lifting heavy loads safely and securely. This wire rope is constructed out of two or more layers of strands, designed in an opposing torque formation that resists rotation under load. Not only will it reduce the tendency to spin while lifted, but keep your load exactly where it needs to be without any accidents or issues! Its incredible construction makes this product unique and reliable, perfect for anyone who wants complete trust in their lifting ability.


  • Rotation resistant wire rope is a rope of two or more layers of strands counter laid to achieve opposing torque under load
  • Reduce tendency of the load to spin while being lifted

Product Specifications

Shipping & Handling Fees

Part #Size (mm)ConfigurationGradeCore
WRB187FC06618 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC07718 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC08818 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC09918 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC101018 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC111118 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC121218 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC131318 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC141418 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC161618 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC181818 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FC202018 x 7B1770Fibre
WRB187FE06618 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE08818 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE09918 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE101018 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE121218 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE131318 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE141418 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE161618 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE181818 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE202018 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE222218 x 7B2070Fibre
WRB187FE242418 x 7B2070Fibre

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