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Chain Grade 70

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    Our Chain Grade 70 is designed with safety as the top priority, this high-quality chain is perfect for dragging with your 4WD or for use with heavier machinery like tractors. Its unique design allows for controlled stretching, ensuring your safety during operation.

    Made from incredibly strong, durable, and lightweight materials, Chain Grade 70 is built to withstand heavy loads and tough conditions without compromising on performance. Its hard-wearing nature guarantees longevity, giving you peace of mind that it will stand the test of time. But practicality isn't the only thing that sets Chain Grade 70 apart. Its gold-colored, zinc-plated finish gives it a distinct and sleek look, making it stand out from the crowd. Whether you're using it in a professional setting or for personal use, this chain will make a statement.

    Not only is Chain Grade 70 strong and stylish, but it is also incredibly easy to handle and maintain. Its clean surface ensures a comfortable grip and prevents any residue from transferring onto your hands.

    With a price per meter, you have the freedom to choose the length that suits your needs. Additionally, Chain Grade 70 is available with hooks or lug links on the ends for added convenience and versatility.


    • Grade 70 chain is an ideal chain for load restraint or pulling applications
    • Designed to stretch for safety, making it the perfect chain for dragging with 4wd, or in conjunction with heavier machinery such as tractors
    • Strong, durable, lightweight, and hard wearing
    • Gold-coloured, zinc plated finish gives a distinct look
    • Clean to handle
    • Price is per meter
    • Also available made up with hooks or lug links on ends

    Safety Note: Grade 70 should ONLY be used for lashing and dragging, not for lifting.

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Product Specifications

Lashing capacity
Dimensions in (mm)
12TC06 6 1116 2300 6.3 18.8 21.6
12TC08 8 71.4 3800 8 23.8 27
12TC10 10 46.3 6000 9.7 29.8 33.8
12TC13 13 28.6 9000 12.7 38 42.5

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