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SBB Series Multi Directional Lifting Screw Clamp

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Our SBB Series Multi Directional Lifting Screw Clamp is a good option for anyone looking to lift heavy, awkward loads, like steel plates, with precision. With its patented torque confirmation device, you'll know when the right amount of tightening force has been reached; no guesswork or estimation necessary. This clamp is specially designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical lifting applications, combining a spring type pressure locking device and twin shackle that allows movement in any direction. Safety is key with this product thanks to double safety features with screw type vice and an automatic clamping mechanism. What's more, everything has been manufactured using top-of-the-line materials such as a forged alloy steel body with a galvanised finish and an induction hardened clamp screw and swivel jaw for a long life of performance and reliability. To ensure maximum toughness, it also comes with a minimum tightening force of 150kgf-cm. Operation couldn't be easier - just attach a steel plate and it's ready to use. Plus it all complies to AS 399 standards so you can rest assured knowing your investment is well worth it without jeopardising quality or safety. 


  • Patented 'torque confirmation device' (visible red ring indicated when tightening force is achieved)
  • For horizontal and vertical lifting applications
  • Spring type pressure locking device
  • Twin shackle allows for movement in any direction
  • Double safety feature with screw type vice and automatic clamping mechanism
  • Forged special alloy steel body with a galvanised finish
  • Clamp screw and swivel jaw made of induction hardened alloy steel
  • Tightening force must be minimum of 150kgf-cm
  • Attachment and detachment are easily performed with the patented spring collar
  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Applications: lifting, moving steel plates
  • Complies to AS 4991

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WLL (t)

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Hv 85-320




Hv 85-320




Hv 85-320




Hv 85-320




Hv 85-320


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