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If you are getting ready to start your next job and realise you need some new lifting slings; here are some tips to help you work out what type of sling might be best. When it comes down to lifting heavy objects, it’s very important to choose the right sling to ensure the safety of your load and personnel nearby.

At All Lifting, we offer a massive range of lifting sling options that will help you complete your job, here are the types:

  • Chain Sling 
    This type of sling is one of the most used in Australia for lifting applications, because of its longevity, the ease and availability for customising and replacement parts. They have a high size to working load limit ratio. We manufacture these in house, so there is a large range of customisation options.

  • Wire Rope Sling

    Wire rope slings provide strength, flexibility, high abrasion and corrosion resistance. We manufacture these in-house, so there is a large range of customisation options.  

  • Fibre Rope / Synthetic Material Slings

    Fibre rope and synthetic (round, web and endless) slings are less likely to damage fragile loads. These types of slings are lightweight, easy to use and extremely flexible. They may, however, be relatively inexpensive but may be damaged easier than other types of slings. This sling is also manufactured in-house enabling us to customise to your needs.

It is very important to regularly inspect all of your lifting slings to reduce the chance of sling failure, damage to the load or injuring somebody.

When choosing the right gear for your next lifting, rigging and height safety project, it is very important that you take the following into account

  1. Size of the load
  2. Weight of the load
  3. The shape of the load
  4. Temperature and sensitivity of the material being moved
  5. Environmental conditions
  6. The outcome of the visual inspection (this should be done before each use to ensure safety and effectiveness)

Check out our range of lifting slings here or contact us for a quote as we can customise almost anything to suit your needs.


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